Jason Moss poses with John Wayne Gacy at the Stateville Correctional Center, Crest Hill, Illinois
Jason Moss visited John Wayne Gacy at the Menard Correctional Center, Chester, Illinois in 1994, shortly before Gacy was executed

The Dear Mr. Gacy Project strives to help understand the connection and fascination many ordinary people have with the mind of a serial killer.  Whether they are labeled psychopaths, sociopaths, or sick and twisted monsters, the fact remains serial killers are not “ordinary” people.  Hence, the fascination may seem to be somewhat self-explanatory. People often look for the “extraordinary” and seek to understand those who are not at all like themselves. The appeal may be to vicariously feel excitement, danger and evil via the mind of these real life madmen, without ever actually harming anyone. And although the majority of us are civilized, moral and ethical; some believe all human beings contain some fraction of a sadistic side deep within them.  Unfortunately, the serial killer does not know how to keep this at bay.

This site serves those interested in the facts, latest news, articles, and happenings with serial killers and the people who follow, study, and even correspond with them.

One such person, Jason Moss, found out the hard way how detrimentally dangerous it really is to carry on a relationship with a manipulative murderer. Based upon Jason’s true story, a new psychological thriller, Dear Mr. Gacy, explores this relationship in detail.  Jason wrote the book, The Last Victim, after his intense relationship with John Wayne Gacy, as well as several other famous serial killers including Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson and Richard Ramirez. References and more details on this psychological thriller can be found in “the Movie” section.

JOIN US. Community contributions and insight will help sort out the mysterious puzzle with serial killer fascination, so welcome aboard and join us by sharing your comments. Brace yourself…

Site Content/Commenting Policy: We know that throughout the world there are families of victims of atrocious acts grieving the loss of their loved ones. This site’s purpose is not meant to show disrespect to the families or the victims as we work to understand the people who commit grave violence against their fellow man.  Any comments that are disrespectful should be flagged by other members of the community and will likely be deleted and the visitor banned from future commenting.

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