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EXCLUSIVE “Extra” Episode-Jason Moss & his Fascination with Serial Killers

True Crime Stories is an “Extra” episode from 1999 on Jason Moss’s obsession with serial killers and his book about it, The Last Victim. (more…)

Jason Moss on Hard Copy “Caged with a Killer”

See this exclusive Hard Copy segment on Jason Moss, author of The Last Victim.  As an ambitious college honors student looking to get a jump start on a career in law enforcement, Jason wrote and corresponded with several serial killers, primarily John Wayne Gacy, who eventually almost killed him.

Jason Moss on Hard Copy

Jason Moss on Hard Copy


Normalcy in Behavioral Characteristics of the Sadistic Serial Killer – Jack Levin

Jack LEvin, PHD

Jack Levin, PHD

“By focusing so much on sociopathic characteristics, researchers may have downplayed the importance of the existential processes—compartmentalization and dehumanization—that permit serial killers to rape, torture, and murder with moral impunity. Moreover, by uncritically accepting the sociopathic designation, researchers may have ignored the interaction between sadism and sociopathy that causes empathy to be heightened rather than diminished.” – Dr. Jack Levin from


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