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Gacy’s Privacy Request Letter to Jason Moss

Gacy-NoticeHere is the signed and notarized letter from John Wayne Gacy to Jason Moss. After several letters, phone calls and face-to-face visit, Jason Moss and John Gacy developed an intense correspondence and relationship. This letter from Gacy asks that all of these letters and phone calls be kept private…


Forensic Psychologist Dr. Katherine Ramsland
Talks About Serial Killers

ramsland-kIn this interview on The Writer’s Forensic Blog, Dr. Ramsland answers important questions about serial killers and their minds and motives.  One point that is made clear is that serial killers often have a range of both natural and socialized components to their motives.  Ramsland says “The balance between physiological/genetic make-up and environmental influences (parenting, toxic substances, mental health resources, drug abuse, peers and role models, poverty, gang proximity) differs from one individual to another.” (more…)

“Murderabilia” Web Sites’ Popularity and Infamy

Gacy's painting of HitlerWhether you are horrified or fascinated, the fact remains that the personal items of killers are being auctioned and sold…some at a hefty price.  Take a look at the starting bid price for this original painting by John Wayne Gacy of fellow-monster, Adolf Hitler from the site


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