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The Gacy Tapes: Voice of a Serial Killer

FOX Chicago News discusses Dear Mr. Gacy and digs deeper into the John Wayne Gacy case, celebrating its 30th anniversary this Saturday. (more…)

The Last Victim co-author, Jeffrey Kottler speaks about Jason Moss

The Last Victim co-author Jeffery Kottler talks about Jason Moss’s serial killer obsession and how the book led to the making of the film “Dear Mr. Gacy” starring William Forsythe as John Wayne Gacy.  (more…)

Exclusive: Scene Three, William Forsythe as John Wayne Gacy

We are excited to present the third clip of William Forsythe as John Wayne Gacy. Here, Gacy is thinking out loud as he writes to Jason Moss. The actual letter he is reciting (some verbatim) is also found right here so check it out!

[vimeo 8086777 610 300]

Movie Clips

EXCLUSIVE Gacy-Moss Letters: Letter Seven (from Moss)

As with Letter 6, we must warn you that Moss’s response to Gacy contains explicit sexual content that some may find offensive. In this letter, Moss tells Gacy of his relationship with his parents and brother, and feeds Gacy’s interest in his sexual exploits with a fabricated tale of an encounter with a transsexual.

Letter 7 from Moss

Letter 7 from Moss


Exclusive: Scene Two, William Forsythe as John Wayne Gacy

We are excited to present the second clip of William Forsythe as John Wayne Gacy.  Here, Gacy is in prison chatting it up with one of the guards as he calmly paints one of his famous clown portraits. (more…)

Exclusive: Scene One, William Forsythe as John Wayne Gacy

Check out this exclusive scene of William Forsythe playing John Wayne Gacy.  Forsythe, like Gacy did, has the ability to almost humor you a bit, while in the end scaring the he** out of you!  (more…)

Watch News Interview with William Forsythe & Producer Clark Peterson!

Chicago’s very own WGN-TV sits down with Dear Mr. Gacy Actor William Forsythe and Producer Clark Peterson on its show The Chicago Scene.  Hear about the movie, the Chicago angle, William Forsythe’s insight on playing a monster like John Wayne Gacy, and the irony for Jason Moss “making a deal with the devil”.

Click and watch here or view below:

Daily Herald covers our Chicago Gacy Shoot!

As we continue with our exciting Gacy Chicago shoot this week, Chicago’s Daily Herald paid us a visit!

Forsythe and Boschelli on Chicago Shoot

Forsythe and Boschelli on Chicago Shoot


Burning Gacy Collection

Contrary to the fact that many people are interested in and collect “murderabilia” from serial killers, we found this video of a couple of guys “un”collecting their John Wayne Gacy personal items. (more…)

Your Chance to Question Famous People on Gacy Case!


Gacy arrest

Have you ever wanted to ask how it feels to defend a convicted serial killer like John Wayne Gacy? Now you can! We’ll be interviewing his famous defense attorney, Sam Amirante. (more…)

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